Today people are overwhelmed by their daily problems, bills and worries and have therefore no time to look at themselves and gain an understanding of the universe and their own biology. Most of us are in a “running trance” where all vital needs are monitored but spirituality is suppressed. Billions of people live in a holographic world, where guided 3D projections become their own reality and they disconnect more and more from their origins and universal wholeness.

I believe the single way to wake up and save humanity is to enhance its biologic power and reconnect this to the universal power. We all need to understand in simple terms the universe as a WHOLE, we need to unify The Rock with The Vita. We need to learn again that universal ABC, start creating instead of destroying and suppressing, and we need to unify our minds and souls to become empowered again. We have to start to believe in our power once again, prove to ourselves that our thoughts can encompass the whole world without fears and anxieties. We need our new universal mathematics and music to enchant our ears and eyes, to regain our health and happiness!

Many times when you listen to seminars you hear about the quantum phenomena as being the ultimate definition of the human matrix. The human potential cannot be characterized only by four dimensions because you have a physical reality and a frequency dominated multiple levels world. As Prof. William A. Till describes, our brain has a memory of about 400,000 bits of information, from which we are aware of only about 2000 bits. That means that our eyes see more than our brain can record; the result is that our beliefs and experiences selectively form our perception of reality.

Joe Dispenza said our thoughts are electrical charges and our feelings are magnetic charges, thus humans and all living beings are broadcasting and receiving electromagnetic fields all the time. These fields interact and interfere, creating new possibilities, the infinity of worlds like the infinity of dimensions in strings theory.

Our work and CREDO at Lyra Nara is to connect the dots in a critical and credible way to find the road to the destination “Wholeness”, to show solutions, to open discussions, to create a new community of universal human beings. By keeping it simple, by going deep not wide, by staying big not small, by talking creative not informational, and by unifying the forces of the ROCK and VITA we believe we will succeed in finding that universal truth.

With our offerings we help you create your own healthy journey in which you can develop your inner strengths and capabilities, reduce the outer and inner noises, build up your energies and resources in perfect bio-resonance with the universal energetic fields of nature. Some can easily meditate, some don’t know how to activate/access their brain and body own capabilities. We want to help you develop your full potential as a universal human being, learn more about yourself and to take health decisions in your hands.

Thousands of products and companies offer “the best solution” for any condition or disease, making it extremely hard for anybody to make the right decision, spending thus precious time and money for no results.

From years of experience with products and techniques for a healthier lifestyle we have been able to boil it all down, organize and select a set of products and techniques which really work and are essential to what we call “a sustainable healthy journey”. That way you don’t have to go through all the trials and errors which can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. We choose only the best technical solutions sold at best prices (best price versus best functionality and options).

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  1. Hi I’m a 64 year old man had prostate taken out 5 years ago.Had radiation no chemo also had the zolodex and casadex treatments.The highest my psa has been is 186.3.I was on GcMAF 2 viles 18 shots.It drop to 109.5, I live in the Bahamas (Nassau )and i would like to purchase GcMAF or Goleic the one that you would recommend, if it’s possible you can give me the cost I would appreciate it thank you. Jeff

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