How You Get Sick?

Do you know how you get sick? It is important to understand the right answers to this question, as only if you know how the diseasing process occurs, you will know better about the steps of your healing process.

Every sickness starts with an emotional psychological conflict; based on your individual epigenetics and environmental burdens, this conflict may manifest stronger or weaker, or even may not affect you at all. Once it was stored in your limbic system, the emotional brain, it follows its pathway to the hormonal and autonomous nervous system and from there in 3-7 years one or multiple organs will be affected in different ways, finally fall into degeneration state.

To start a real healing process, you need different tools to successfully reverse the dispensing process:

  1. Autonomous nervous system (ANS) diagnose followed by a customized therapy and training of auto-regulation; we recommend Kindling Easy and Biotonometer (follow next Webinar Part 2)

  2. Connective tissue and major organs detoxification using Med Matrix and Aquatone (follow Webinar Part 3)

  3. Electrosmog pollution impact and overall recovery at cellular level using Geno62 and Vita Chip (Follow Webinar Part 4)

Learn more NOW by watching this webinar part 1 and follow us on our healthy journey:


Is there a simple but efficient modality to treat health conditions? Is there a kind of “tuning fork” for the body, a general holistic method to restore health, prevent diseases, slow the aging process? Based on the fact that in our body about 75% makes the cellular and extracellular water, that Panacea method must target the water molecules; water molecules resonate in a beneficial manner with certain frequencies, such a radio waves.


Radio waves and water molecule resonance

When a direct electrical current is applied to a wire the current flow builds an electromagnetic field around the wire. This field sends a wave outward from the wire. When the current is removed, the field collapses which again sends a wave. If the current is applied and removed over and over for a period of time, a series of waves is propagated at a discrete frequency. If the current changes polarity, or direction repeatedly, that could make waves, too. This phenomenon is the basis of electromagnetivity and basically describes how radio waves are created within transmitters. Other kinds of electromagnetic radiation, including radio waves, are made by natural processes such as the nuclear reactions in a star.

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than IR waves. Radio waves frequencies are in the range of 3 kHz up to 300 GHz; the corresponding wavelength is 1 mm (0.039 in), and at 3 kHz is 100 km (62 mi). They have a deep penetration in all cells and organs of living beings containing over 75% water. Radio waves synchronize oscillating movement of water clusters (cluster is a group of molecules of water every 8 molecules). Radiofrequency energy is used in medicine e.g. MRI and RFA.


Radio waves

Water molecules vibrate with certain frequencies. All metabolic, neurological and biochemical processes taking place in human body must be in harmony in the presence of water molecules, i.e. are in resonance.

Aquatone, a radio wave therapy device developed by Russian scientists, affects all organs and body parts and restores normal functionality in diseased and damaged systems caused by the majority of known diseases. Doctors confirm the high efficiency of Aquatone which can reduce or completely eliminate symptoms and diseases.

The versatility of Aquatone as a therapy device can be explained by the common denominator of almost all diseases: the abnormal resonances between water molecules in the affected area. Resonance wave therapy has been particularly effective in restoring damaged tissue after accidents, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, burns and radiation injury with painful symptoms. Resonance wave therapy strengthens the immune system’s ability to fight infections and various inflammations.


Aquatone device, the tuning fork of your body

Human medicine studies:

  • More than 150 scientific works
  • Numerous dissertations
  • Long-term projects until 2020 throughout Russia & EU
  • Scientific work in US @ Harvard University

Veterinary medicine studies:

  • Non-pharmacology treatment of inflammation
  • Treatment ascoferose of bees
  • Animal recovery of injuries


Aquatone devices

  • Aquatone is a therapy device only
  • Aquatone is very straight forward in therapy, users’ friendly, can be used by doctors and patients
  • Aquatone is a very versatile device improving significantly many health conditions in a very short period of time
  • Aquatone acts directly on water molecules in living beings, re-establishing in seconds an almost perfect molecular symmetry
  • Aquatone is very affordable
  • Healing effects of Aquatone were proven and studied in many renowned universities and medical institutes such as Harvard, Caroline institute, etc.
  • Buy and use Aquatone for your family, your friends, your patients, your pets

Main Features & Device operation:

  • Use the buttons “level” and “mode” to select the desired mode for therapy (see recommendations)
  • The selected mode is indicated by LEDs
  • To begin the session, press the button “start/stop”
  • After 10 minutes the session ends automatically and a beep sound can be heard
  • It is also possible to end the session manually by pressing the buttons “start/stop” or “on/off”
  • People are different, so try different modes, remember only mode 1 for acute & mode 1+2 not in the evening
  • Begin with problem area & follow up with general treatment zones
  • General treatment zones that are always beneficial:
  • Forehead
  • Thymus (immune system)
  • Solar plexus (nervous system)
  • Beneath navel (energizes whole body)
  • Back of the head (brain function that controls all organs)
  • Kidneys & adrenals glands (regulates water balance & adrenals regulate important hormones)


Aquatone Programs:

  • Mode 1: for acute health conditions like pain, burning, fatigue
  • Mode 2: esp. for blood circulation, chronic & inflammatory diseases but applicable to whole body, works at 0.1Hz (delta brain waves), therefore also relaxing effect
  • Mode 3: frequent use possible, balances whole body, calming effect, can therefore be applied esp. in evening for all kinds of health problems, works at 8 Hz (alpha brain waves)
  • Mode 1+2: activates body, strengthens & increases body’s effectiveness, good for diseases of muscles and skeletal system, also stimulating effect on whole body good for depression & fatigue, works in beta brain wave range
  • Mode 1+3: problems with inner organs (intestines, stomach, kidney, liver, etc.), rehabilitating body after extreme stress, works at 4Hz (theta brain waves)
  • Mode 2+3: slower frequencies to improve body’s adjustment capabilities in extreme psychological & physical situations, also tiredness & difficulties waking up


Aquatone Programs settings (mode)

Aquatone applications:

  • Anti-tumor effects
  • Influence on the process of self-organization of histones
  • Effect on the nervous system and neurophysiological changes
  • Therapeutic effects in pancreatic diseases
  • Anti-stress effect
  • Improvement of rheology restore blood circulation
  • Treatment of keratitis and iridocyclitis (eye disease)
  • Prevention of infectious diseases in children
  • Therapeutic effect in chronic prostatitis

Anti-tumor effects of Aquatone:

  • Accelerates division of fibroblasts
  • Inhibits growth of the prostate tumor
  • Slows down the growth of melanoma
  • Aquatone is significantly increasing antitumor effect on cancerous cells when using Mitoxantrone class drugs such as: Jukart – 33%; A549 – 18%; T47D – 72%
  • Mitoxantrone is used to treat certain types of cancer, mostly metastatic breast cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It improves the survival rate of children suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia relapse

Improvement of body fluids rheology with Aquatone:

  • Aquatone Increases the plasticity of biological fluids, thereby facilitating flow in membranes of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries
  • Aquatone supports trans-capillary exchange with less power consumption and without increase of blood pressure
  • Aquatone activates the metabolism
  • Aquatone facilitates:
  • Extraction of energy from water
  • Water decomposition into H and OH radicals in the blood vessels and capillaries


Antitumor effects of Aquatone


Aquatone increases the number of plasma cells and lymphocytes

Anti-stress effects of Aquatone therapy:

  • Regeneration of blood in acute immobilization stress
  • Size & absorbency of thrombi
  • Dynamic flexibility / toughness
  • Platelet aggregation in acute immobilization stress
  • Degree & rate of aggregation



Anti-stress effects induced by Aquatone

Immunological effects of Aquatone therapy:

  • Increases the index at all stages of phagocytosis
  • Patients with pneumonia in the acute stage are getting a significant enhancement of IL-1 and its receptor antagonists
  • Patients with pneumonia in the chronical stage are getting an increased IL8 and IL10
  • Patients with chronic pneumonia are getting a normalization of leukocytes & level of c-reactive protein
  • Patients with acute pneumonia are getting reduced intensity of coughing and improved general health condition



Aquatone immunological effects


Respiratory conditions improvement with Aquatone therapy


Chronic pneumonia normalization with Aquatone therapy

Arthritis & Arthrosis Aquatone Therapy effects:

  • Significant reduction in pain on the second day
  • Reduced swelling
  • Restored joint mobility


Arthrosis improvements with Aquatone therapy


Arthritis improvements with Aquatone therapy

Conditions treated with Aquatone:

  • bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD, asthma
  • hypertension
  • diseases of the pancreas and thyroid
  • headache (“migraine” type)
  • injuries, burns, abscesses
  • cervical osteochondrosis
  • lumbar – sciatica
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidney
  • urogenital diseases (prostatitis, cystitis)
  • neuralgia intercostal nerves
  • myositis
  • swelling, pain,
  • restricted movement of joints injuries (bruises, sprains, fractures)
  • arthritis of different etiology
  • allergies
  • gastritis, duodenitis, peptic ulcer disease
  • recovery from intense workouts

Some Aquatone Therapy Programs:

1. Lymphatic system purge settings:

Mode 1+3 on collar bones for 10 mins. each
Mode 3 on back of the head
Mode 3 on 7th vertebra
Once per day for 7 days


Lymphatic system purge with Aquatone

2.  Liver Detoxification & Liver general therapy

Mode 1+3 on liver for 10 mins.
Mode 1+3 on liver reflection area at right shoulder
Mode 3 at back of the head as it controls all organs
Once per day for 7 days


Liver detoxification and general liver therapy with Aquatone

3.  Kidney detoxification & Kidney general therapy

Mode 1+3 on both kidneys 10 mins. each
Mode 3 on back of the head
Once per day for 7 days


Kidney detoxification & General Kidney therapy with Aquatone

4. Cardiovascular & Heart therapy:


High Blood pressure regulation with Aquatone


Recovery after a heart attack with Aquatone

5. Pancreas general therapy settings:


Pancreas general therapy with Aquatone

6. Knee Osteoarthritis therapy:


Knee osteoarthritis treated with Aquatone 

7. Allergies:


Allergies general therapy with Aquatone

8. Drowsiness & Fatigue Therapy with Aquatone


Drowsiness & Fatigue Treated with Aquatone


There are absolute no general contraindications.

Relative contraindications:

  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Systemic blood diseases
  • Severe cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal tachyarrhythmia)
  • The presence of an artificial cardiac pacemaker
  • Cardiac aneurysm
  • Acute infectious and purulent process in the head
  • Tuberculosis active process
  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • Acute respiratory insufficiency
  • If there are tumors of any etiology, the device must be strictly used under the supervision of a physician. 

Technical Data: 


Scope of Delivery:


Wegamed Multidimensional Treatment Concept

Tags: Holistic Medicine, Needless Acupuncture, EAV/EDS Devices, Dr. Voll  Electroacupuncture, Vega/EAV combined, Wegamed Diagnostic, Test Expert Plus, Biofeedback Devices, Bioresonance Devices

Wegamed_Newsletter leading image_200816

Wegamed, an unwritten book of successful holistic medicine, a new health care system of the 21st century. Which are the causes of all diseases, how to trigger the self-healing process and bring the body back to homoeostasis, which tools do I need for a total cure, these are only some of the questions for which Wegamed found the right answers. We can talk here about a perfect tandem between holistic integrative therapy and diagnostic.

Step 1: Detoxify and reactivate the extracellular matrix. If the organs do not function properly, you have a degenerative or infectious condition, it is because toxins and/or pathogens are blocking or disturbing the cellular and extracellular metabolism. The bio- terrain milieu around the cells is out of balance. Use Med Matrix for 4-6 sessions to detoxify the connective tissue, the healing process is being naturally triggered, the energy flow is re-established, the channels opened up. A unique device with giant therapy capabilities, Med Matrix makes more than 80% of the therapy. 

Step 2: After Med Matrix continue the treatment process with Med Select to balance and fine tune metabolism, harmonise the energy, optimise organs functionality, on your way to homoeostasis. Through different electrodes are collected endogenous and exogenous vibrations from the patients; these frequencies are stored temporary in Wegamed Internal Frequency storage module (IF). Final therapy is generated by using the unique Wegamed System-Information-Therapy (SIT). The new therapy frequencies generated conform the bioresonance principles are combined with pre-stored vibrational information, such as homeopathic organ vibrations, nosodes and homeopathic remedies. Vega-Duplex-Storage (VDS) is a unique module integrated in all Wegamed products where over 2500 frequencies of organs’ preparations (sarcodes) are being pre-recorded. Finally, you can choose more therapy options from prerecorded supporting or from special programs. Due to its intelligent therapy concept, Med Select matches automatically the metabolic status and the burdens of the selected patient.

Step 3: Diagnostic with Test Expert Plus using the unique “wegamed testing method”, a synthesis between TCM, EAV/EDS and Vega method developed over 30 years R & D and practice. Wegamed method basic principle is: when an interfering electromagnetic disturbing field such as that created by toxins, pathogens, stress and psychological trauma is introduced into the circuit patient-electrodes-measuring device, are occurring bioimpedance changes and these are manifested in the measured values. TEP measures the body bioimpedance and carries a synergistic dialog with all meridians and organs. Whether allergies, painful conditions, migraines or rheumatism, TEP helps identify the root cause of many illnesses – quickly, effectively and without any side-effects.

Learn more by watching the video and visiting us at:


Bioscan-Swa is a unique, state of the art biocybernetic analysis system of the human bioenergetic and biochemical profile, a representation of the health/illness state of patients. Bioscan collects information from patient’s body through an electrode in about 1.5 minutes; it measures more than 250 parameters compiled in 31 different parameters groups such as:

  • Gastrointestinal indexes
  • Cardio and Cerebrovascular indexes
  • Digestive system function
  • Liver function
  • Large Intestine
  • Gallbladder function
  • Function of Pancreas
  • Kidney function
  • Lung function
  • Function of Brain nerves
  • Bone diseases
  • Bone mineral density
  • Rheumatic Bone diseases
  • Bone growth index
  • Blood sugar
  • Trace elements
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Coenzymes
  • Endocrine System
  • Immune system
  • Homotoxins
  • Severe metals
  • General body condition
  • Allergy
  • Adipositas
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Collagen
  • Prostate
  • Gynecology
  • Male sexual
  • Brest (woman)


Scan results for supplements


Vitamins and Heavy Metals Results


Measurement results of Indexes

Main Features


Bioscan-SWA The biocybernetic Body Scanner

In order to measure reasonable values, the device uses an increased resonance, by stimulating the body at its resonant frequency to generate bolder vibrations, which then can be more precisely measured.

All information shown are related to the present manifested health condition, although illnesses show in the energy field long before they are physically visible.

In order to maintain a certain energy and treating dynamics, the bioscan-swa takes – after the first measurement – the previous values in its calculations and evaluations.

BIOSCAN-SWA works in scalar electromagnetic field; modern electronics is used to measure the very weak magnetic field of our cells. In this way, the state of health can be determined plus main problems can be analyzed and standard recommendations for improvement can be recommended.

BIOSCAN-SWA is very similar to cell communication in our body concerning its function. By doing so, it is possible to get information about stress, disbalance, shortages and surpluses of biochemical components supply to any of our body systems.

Our organ communication takes place by resonance phenomena (synchronization versus desynchronization). Our living cells are very small dipoles (polarizable), “oscillating batteries” working through their specific electrical circuits; therefore, cells and groups of cells (organelles), group of organelles (organs) and groups of organs (tissue) perform different electromagnetic jobs generating and at the same time specific oscillation(s). The characteristics of these oscillation(s) give information about vitality, functionality and anatomic state of each single cell. Due to this, each organ and organs’ system can be measured and its functionality, and health state can be correct represented.

Each living tissue strives to synchronize and bioresonante in the “master” frequency field, this being the physiologically and energetically the best state. Cells’ communication takes place through cells’ resonance.

The by BIOSCAN-SWA uses electromagnetic waves and frequencies penetrating the skin only a few millimeters, so called scalar waves. The scalar waves feed in the body are naturally channeled to those parts of the body with which it can build up resonances. The thus emerged concentration of scalar waves may be high enough in case of a surplus or creates a shortage, despite a low transmitting power. Thus by using the sensor, resonance phenomena can be compared with the resonance specter of standard values for nutrients and different biochemical, specific for a healthy or sick state. Conclusions based on many parameters as trace elements, amino acids, liver, heart, kidney functions, vitamins etc. within the information field can be drawn now and made visible.

Benefits of Bioscan: Fast – Reproducible – Convincing

Add a new dimension to your diagnostic and therapeutic work and offer your patients and clients on a soft basis, insides based on the analysis of more than 2000 health parameters as for instance trace elements, vitamins, heavy metals, thyroid etc., which represent a human being on all “layers”.

Analysis within seconds, which gives important pieces of information. BIOSCAN-SWA cannot and shall not replace a blood analysis and anamnesis but it provides additional information, which may be very important. Meanwhile BIOSCAN-SWA is very popular among doctors, non-medical practitioners and clinics worldwide. Within 90 seconds, it gives information and pieces of advice for a more detailed evaluation and targeted therapy.

  • Absolutely painless and not invasive
  • Not necessary to give blood or other fluids for analysis
  • Fast, reliable and reproducible
  • It is possible to control health and to express further developments
  • Can be used for therapy efficiency monitoring or control of a diet plan, medication, supplements
  • Shows a maybe existing shortage, which is not recognizable by a blood analysis 

Bioscan in your practice:

  • The doctor gets in almost 2 minutes very important insides regarding the functionality and state of the patient’s health
  • The patient does not need to wait long time for his/her lab test results
  • Between 2 measurements of the same type, you must allow min 1 day, preferably 3 days for system relaxation
  • All measurements influencing factors such as mobile phones, metallic parts must be minimum 2-4 meters away from the body
  • Patient must lay down and not be allowed to monitor the program as this may already have an influence on his/her tested values
  • Women in menstruation should not be measured, since there may be significant measurement errors
  • Bioscan tests results (indexes) is a compendium of an “energetic evaluation” of different organs’ parameters when a kind of therapy is applied; therefore, Bioscan results cannot be compared with classical lab blood tests
  • Bioscan identifies poor parameters comparing these with healthy parameters.


Bioscan SWA

Science of conventional medicine does not acknowledge the existence of information scalar field, thus BIOSCAN-SWA is not recognized by medical establishment. However, an increased number of doctors are using Bioscan-SWA as an additionally and very efficient analysis system of the patient’s health.

Applications of Bioscan-SWA:

  • Evaluation & Scans of health state
  • Analysis of efficiency of individual therapies
  • Prevention
  • Public health counselling
  • Performance Boost in fitness centres and competitive sports
  • Ecaluation of supplements and nutrients in health shops

Scope of delivery:

  • Hardware with hand electrode
  • Software bioscan
  • Connecting cables


Bioscan hard and software


Geno62 is a modern ultrasound and acoustic information therapy device, a complex holistic system to overall heal your body.

62 chemical elements frequencies, 23 quadrillion bits resulted from digitalizing millions of collected frequencies, the vibrations of primordial human code 277, subliminal signals to balance your vegetative system and cleanse your psyche & emotional are all recorded in Geno62 software. This acoustic and ultrasound information medical device is a self-healing instrument, activating most essential frequencies for the living bodies. The integrative and revolutionary new concept developed by Prof. Dr. Hans Kempe and its team is known as CIUM: Creative Intelligent Universal Matter.

The revolutionary technology is based on a totally new concept of health care: at any time, human body has over 95% healthy cells and maximum 5% may be sick cells. Make thrive the over 95% healthy cells and bring the sick cells in resonance with the healthy cells. Healthy cells must be able to recognize the sick cells and this means to change the polarity of sick cells; this reactivates inter- and intracellular communication. It is as simple as this, when you deliver the right information to the body.

Geno62 reached already thousands of people who got better and healthy and some of their testimonials are presented in this video. Listen to what they have to say :


Dinamika Onix and Lotos is a bundle coming with 1 x hardware to record ECG and 2 different software, Onix and Lotos designated to record and calculate, based on proven medical algorithms, the following life essential parameters:

  • Life energetic resources (chakras, meridians, heart energy compensation process)
  • Adaptation capabilities (vegetative response)
  • Hormonal disbalance
  • Psycho-emotional and brain activity status
  • Compatibility and influences of food, remedies, supplements, fitness, medication, other therapies
  • Treatment efficiency and healing process survey

Learn more about Onix here: DINAMIKA ONIX

The facility LOTOS is designed to be used for assessment of health state as well as for control of treatment efficiency. LOTOS system differs from other devices as it is mobile and easy to use. To operate the device no professional medical education is needed. Following the detailed step-by-step user guide allows to obtain survey results in a prompt and convenient way. LOTOS provides a graphic representation of the body response to treatments and medications or other changes in daily life such as nutrition, fitness, location, electrosmog.

Main Features

  • ECG recording with real-time monitoring of functional state indices
  • Assessment of the state of cardiovascular and vegetative nervous system by     means of variance analysis
  • Assessment of body’s neurohumoral regulation and energy resources by means of neurodynamic analysis
  • Assessment of current psychoemotional state using the method of brain biorhythm mapping
  • Assessment of organism adaptation level and level of harmonization of biological rhythms using the method of fractal analysis
  • Determination of patient’s biological age
  • E-catalogue of patients with data import option from Omega-М program
  • Simultaneous representation of two surveys’ results with a view of comparative analysis
  • Printout of survey results
  • The software and the hardware of Dinamika meets the standards of measurement, physiological interpretation and clinical use of cardiac intervalometry indices, adopted by European Society of Cardiology and North American Association for Electrophysiology.
  • Production facilities of Dinamika meet the quality standards ISO 9001:2008


Dinamika Lotos Check

Applications & Software

LOTOS is indispensable in the routine of monitoring the health status in case of ambulatory treatment, as well as in patients who take nutritional supplements or undergo organism purification, fasting therapy, manual reflex- and hirudotherapy.

Constant surveillance of health status is also necessary when conducting weight reduction courses.

When using home physiotherapeutic devices, LOTOS permits not only to control health status, but also to choose time, duration and periodicity of exposure.

Application of the device is effective for permanent health control of professional sportsmen and for those who regularly attend fitness centers. In this case regular surveys permit to make an individual choice of the intensity and duration of physical exercise.

It should be added that LOTOS can be used to show the effect of nutritional supplements and dietary cure products.

Prompt survey of patients’ health status permits to choose necessary medications in an effective way, while patients have an opportunity of controlling the treatment process. This circumstance has a positive effect on moral and psychological state of an examined person and builds his trust in the selected therapy, products, doctor and himself.

The program window is nominally divided into two fields: List of Patients and Patient Survey Results.


Lotos Chart generated during the ECG measurement

Survey Results

Panel displaying survey Results of currently selected patient is situated on top of the window. This panel is basically a set of several tabs. Buttons at the top of the panel are used to switch between them. In total there are seven tabs:


l1.jpgRegistration and Viewing of ECG Data contains the control elements for record and display of the patient’s electrocardiogram

l2.jpgVegetative Regulation tab displays the assessment of the organism Vegetative regulation by methods of heart rhythm variance analysis

l3.jpgNeurohumoral Regulation tab serves to display the hormonal regulation assessment by means of neurodynamic analysis

l4.jpgPsychoemotional State tab displays the psychoemotional state assessment by means of brain biorhythm mapping

l5.jpgFractal Analysis tab displays the assessment of the body’s adaptation level and is used to determine biological age by means of fractal analysis

l6.jpgComplex Analysis tab displays the organism functional state

l7.jpgDynamics of Functional Condition tab displays the dynamics of the change of functional state indices over a period of time

At the top right-hand corner of LOTOS window is located the button which serves to visualize the program information, as well as the button l8.jpg used to visualize the reference information.


ECG Registration signals

As a function of the selected operation mode, the program displays either an ECG signal registered previously in the course of the survey, or the ECG signal recorded momentarily. The time in minutes and seconds elapsed from the registration start is laid off along the horizontal axis, while the ECG amplitude is laid off along the vertical axis. The graph scaling is performed by moving the mouse with the right button pressed. Dragging the graph is performed by moving the mouse with the left button pressed.



Depending on selected operation mode the program displays either a previously registered rhythmogram, or the one being registered at the moment. Rhythmogram is a graph where the number of RR intervals is plotted on the horizontal axis while the interval size in seconds is plotted on the vertical axis. RR interval is a time interval between two heart beats.

The artifacts – extra systoles and disturbances – are highlighted at the rhythmogram in red. The graph scaling is performed by the right mouse button while the graph dragging is performed by the left mouse button.

Dynamics of Functional Condition During the Recording

The Graph of the Dynamics of Functional Condition during the Recording demonstrates how the functional state indices varied in the course of the survey. It enables to estimate the reliability of the survey results.


Dynamics of Functional Condition


If the functional condition remains on the same level throughout the survey, it means that the survey was conducted correctly and its results are reliable. If however, the graph of functional condition has abrupt level drops, it means that either the patient was not at rest during the survey, or that the ECG signal arriving from the patient was affected by extraneous disturbances.  It is worthwhile conducting a duplicate recording, having previously removed the factors which have a negative impact on the quality of the recorded ECG signal.

The button l9.png serves to switch the graph back to the rhythmogram display mode.

Functional status Indicators: The indicators display the normalized values of functional status indices:

“А” – level of organism adaptation
“В” – level vegetative regulation index
“С” – neurohumoral regulation index
“D” – psychoemotional state index
“Health” – complex state index

The Vegetative Regulation, the Neurohumoral Regulation, the Psychoemotional State, the Fractal Analysis and the Complex Analysis Tabs:

These tabs display a detailed information of the patient’s functional state. They are organized in accordance with the same principle and differ only by the information displayed.

Each tab is nominally divided into two hemi-sections – the left and the right one. In each tab’s hemi-section are displayed parameters related to one of previously conducted surveys. By using the controls at the top of the tab you can select the survey data. Thus the dynamics of functional status changes can be assessed in a quick, easy and demonstrable way.

In each tab two functional parameters are displayed:

  • In the Fractal Analysis tab – fractal portrait of biorhythms and Gerontological curve
  • In the Vegetative Regulation tab – histogram of RR intervals and autocorrelation portrait
  • In the Neurohumoral Regulation tab – neurodynamic matrix and energy pyramid
  • In the Psychoemotional State tab – spline-map of electrical activity of the brain and spectrum of brain activity
  • In the Complex Analysis tab – functional status indices and complex state index.

By pressing the button l10.png in the window of a selected parameter, can be visualized each functional parameter’s descriptive statement.

The Vegetative Regulation Tab

The Vegetative Regulation Tab displays information on patient’s vegetative regulation parameters. Vegetative regulation is performed by the vegetative nervous system (autonomic nervous system or ANS) which regulates the physiological processes below the level of human consciousness. It promptly reacts to the changes of internal and external environment by influencing the cardiovascular system whose effective work determines the supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Histogram of «R-R» intervals is a diagram representing a correlation of the number of «R-R» intervals in different time intervals of their duration. Along the horizontal axis the duration of «R-R» intervals is plotted, while along the vertical axis is plotted the probability of their occurrence (i.e. the number of «R-R» intervals within the respective range). The histogram interval is 0.04 seconds. The range of the histogram base is from 0.32 to 1.64 seconds. Vegetative balance is characterized by central position of the bars with localization of the highest bar within the range of 0.7–1.0 s. In case of prevailing influence of the sympathetic activity, a significant shift to the left is observed, as well as a narrowing of the histogram base. In case of parasympathetic dominance, the opposite effect is observed.




Vegetative Regulative Tab

Auto-correlation portrait characterizes the degree of similarity of different rhythmogram fragments.Vegetative balance index defines the relation between the activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of vegetative nervous system.

The Neurohumoral Regulation Tab

The Neurohumoral system regulates the composition and the structure of biochemical substances in the organism, ensuring the constancy of internal environment and adaptation of organism to changing living conditions in the long-term period.

The structure of physiological rhythms is represented in the form of neurodynamic matrix, each element of which characterizes the corresponding rhythms’ dynamics. Individual matrix elements represent the rhythms of the corresponding organism systems while the color of each element indicates to what extent the parameters of these rhythms correspond to the common universal law of living nature activity, namely the law of two exponents. The “ideal exponent” parameters are in conformity with the “golden ratio”. Compliance with these parameters ensures the maximum effective work of life-support systems at minimum energy costs.Yellow and red colors of matrix elements indicate that the parameters of the rhythm are far from being optimal.


The Neurohumoral Regulation

Neurohumoral Regulation Index characterizes the effectiveness of the nervous system’s functioning and indicates how optimally the organism uses its energy and physiological resources. Neurohumoral regulation system is responsible for constancy of internal environment and adaptation of the organism to changing living conditions.

Energy Pyramid characterizes the total of organism’s physiological resources and the balance between the cycles of resources accumulation and consumption under the present life conditions. Correlation between the left and the right sections of the “pyramid” characterizes the dynamics of anabolic and catabolic processes going on in the body. The pyramid’s blue area is proportionate to the resources recovery timewhile the pyramid’s red area is proportionate to the resources consumption time.


Neurodynamic matrix


Energy Pyramid

The Psycho-emotional State Tab

Spline-map is a result of spline-interpolation of peak values of the main brain rhythms. Spline maps of electrical activity of the brain are a set of bivariate distribution of central nervous system (CNS) rhythms in the functional spaces of the brain and characterize the integral activity of CNS in these spaces.


Psycho-emotional state


Spline map of electrical activity

Areas of black and yellow-red color range indicate the hypoactivity of the brain as a result of disease state, over fatigue and stress.

Psychoemotional state index defines the degree of devastating effect of stress on the body.

Frequency spectrum of the brain activity is obtained by means of translation of heart rhythms to the frequency range of brain rhythms. Obtained spectrum is divided into ranges corresponding to the frequencies of delta, theta, alfa, beta and gamma rhythms. Equal distribution of rhythms over the entire frequency range corresponds to the normal state. Predominance of delta rhythm is indicative of disease state, over-fatigue and stress.


Brain activity spectrum

The Fractal Analysis Tab

In the Fractal Analysis Tab are displayed information about the fractal analysis of the patient’s status.  Fractal analysis is designed to visually assess the degree of organs biorhythms harmonization, knowing that organs have a fractal structure; the purpose of this survey is the detection of functional and pathological changes and the assessment of the organism’s immune status, as well as predicting patient’s health state changes.

Fractal analysis enables to reveal similarity and regularities in dynamic parameters of rhythms which characterize physiological processes in the human organism. During the analysis of electrocardiogram are singled out the rhythms which have a fractal structure, manifesting in the form of universal reactions to external and internal influences. The degree of concordance of these rhythms determines the quality of life activity at a given moment. The capacity to maintain and preserve this harmony during a long period of time reflects the quality of organism’s capacities of adaptation to changing external and internal environment conditions or its “immunity”.

Fractal portrait index shows organism’s immune system status demonstrating its capacity of adaptation to new conditions. Fractal portrait represents a solution of Mandelbrot’s equation; these parameters are the dynamic parameters of ECG. Fractal portrait characterizes the level of harmonization of physiological rhythms and proves how the organs and the systems of the body function.

Fractal harmony of biorhythms at all the regulation levels indicates large energy resources, optimal balance of energy supplies and favorable prognosis regarding health state changes. Partial disharmony of biorhythms in certain organs and systems of the body is indicative of functional abnormalities in those organs.

Decrease of energy resources and degradation of energy balance is characterized by disturbance of biorhythms’ fractal harmony, which corresponds to serious functional disturbances or to pathological changes in individual organs.

Level of harmonization of biorhythms characterizes the level of consistency of regulatory systems, reflects the quality of organism’s capacities of adaptation to changing conditions and is also an information index characterizing immune system status.


Fractal analysis


Fractal portrait analysis

Gerontological curve reflects the slowest biological rhythm. Its period is determined by life expectancy of 90-110 years. It is a graphic representation of correlation between the ratio of life resources accumulation and consumption and is a combination of logarithmic and exponential curves. Gerontological curves correlations correspond to the parameters of “golden section”. The nominal “point” where accumulation of life resources turns into their slow consumption corresponds approximately to the age of 30-33 calendar years.


Gerontological curve

People may be younger or older than their age; as a result, the diseases and death related to ageing occur at different age. Consequently, the true age of a person is determined not by time which has elapsed since his or her birth, but by the factors which reflect his or her vitality. It is the body’s vitality level which is defined as biological age. Biological age represents systemic disintegration of organism in the process of ageing.

Using the concept of “Gerontological curve” we can determine biological and true age of a person, which as a rule does not coincide with the calendar age, for the better or for the worse.

Gerontological curve is obtained by means of statistical analysis of biorhythms in more than 10000 patients of different age groups. It is a graphic representation of accumulation and consumption of life resources in the body of average person and corresponds to the life cycle which lasts 100 calendar years.

Integral health index is proportional to the level of life resources. By marking this index on ordinate axis and projecting it on the model Gerontological curve, we obtain the point of patient’s “biological age”. Projection of this point on abscissa axis is exactly the “biological age” in the customary sense of calendar measurement.

The Complex Analysis Tab

Complex State Index is a quintessence of all the previous indices and is a symbolic mathematical representation of “patient’s health status”. It helps to assess the overall quality of the body’s physiological processes and the level of their balance. “Health level” is in fact the level of tensions which the body’s regulatory systems need in order to get into harmony with life environment.

The thin blue disc in the Diagram of Complex State Index indicates the standard for an average patient of this age, while the practically measured health index can rank above or below the standard level. In the top left corner of the diagram the difference between the actual and the average value is displayed.


Complex Analysis

The Dynamics of Functional Condition Tab

In the Dynamics of Functional Condition Tab is displayed the process of changes of functional status indices with the course of time.


Dynamics of functional condition

At the top of the tab two elements of date management are situated can be used to indicate the analyzed period. By default, no more than ten last surveys are analyzed.


Dynamics of functional condition

The results of all the analyzed surveys are displayed in the graph “Dynamics of Functional Condition”. The buttons lotos21.png at the upper right of the graph allow to conceal or to display corresponding parameter at the graph.

By means of the left mouse button one of surveys can be selected on the graph so as to visualize more detailed information on it. The currently selected survey is highlighted with yellow vertical bar.


Forecast Patient state

Date and time of the survey, heart rhythm during the survey and values of functional state indices are displayed. Additionally, a daily forecast of patient’s is made on the base of the results for the selected analysis state. The accurateness of prediction depends directly on the number of surveys analyzed. Surveys conducted more than one month ago are not taken into consideration in forecast calculation.

At the bottom of the Dynamics tab are located dates of surveys. The highlight color characterizes the patient’s state on that day. In case several surveys were conducted on same day, the highlight color will correspond to the averaged value of patient’s state. Clicking with the left mouse button on the highlighted date permits to choose the respective survey at the graph “Dynamics of Functional Condition”.

Example of printed survey results of a patient:


Final Report print

Assessment of treatment efficiency

Assessment of Treatment Efficiency can be performed by means of express control as well as by means of long-term observation.

Express Control

The express control method is applied in such treatments where the effect of treatment exposure can be immediately perceivable.

First initial indices are measured in patient, then the patient is exposed to therapeutic intervention of any kind (fast-acting medication intake, physiotherapy, reflex therapy, etc.) and immediately after the therapy exposure repeated measurement of indices is performed.

Repeated survey results are compared to the initial survey; if the functional state has improved, the therapeutic intervention has had a positive effect. Therapeutic effects might start the organism’s recovery process, in this case deterioration of indices takes place as the body needs forces to combat the disease. If after the therapeutic treatment the indices have deteriorated, it is recommended to wait for 24 hours and then conduct measurement for the third time.

Long-Term observation

Long-term observation is applied with a view of regular control of functional status of the patient under treatment. Before starting the course, it is necessary to gauge the initial indices as well, and then conduct periodically surveys. To obtain objective data it is desirable, that all the surveys are conducted at the same time and at regular intervals.

Scope of Supply:

  1. LOTOS Software
  2. ECG Recording Module. Model LOTOS – 1 item
  3. Cardiography Electrodes Skintact F 9024 AC – 2 items
  4. Interface cable USB v2.0 – 1 item
  5. Suite Case – 1 item

Technical Data:





A search for new effective and less destructive methods to treat various disorders resulted in the development of the device MAGOFON, coming with the best features for a synergetic magnetic field and vibro-acoustic therapy.

The magnetic field is known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It also improves local microcirculation, stimulates resolution of inflammatory and traumatic edema. Improving the conditions for damaged tissue recovery, Magofon promotes intensive tissue regeneration. Broadband vibro-acoustic frequencies (sound) along with the circulating magnetic field restoring a healthy blood quality are finally enhancing communication between organs and brain.

Experimental and clinical trials already endorsed the complex effect of low-frequency alternating magnetic field combined with sound vibrations; this combined therapy is intensifying the blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism which is having an analgesic and simulative effect of damaged tissues.


Magofon: Pain, Inflammation, Edema drugs free therapy

Thanks to its unique features Magofon is used as an alternative to the drug therapy, the main advantages for Magofon being as following:

  • None allergic reactions or side effects have been noted
  • Repeated treatment produces reproducible therapeutic effects, which are very well tolerated
  • Magofon has a wide range of indications and can be used with the procedures developed for the patients of various age
  • The Device has no analogs and differs from complicated stationary mono-functional physiotherapeutic equipment
  • It does not require specially equipped premises (grounding) to perform the procedures facilitating therapy for patients confined to bed
  • With a very affordable price, Magofon produces high therapeutic effects with almost zero contraindications
  • Magofon is portable and easy to operate thus allowing the procedures to be performed at home

Having a wide choice, the patients prefer those therapeutic techniques which do not require much knowledge, time and chemo-pharma drugs. A man is searching for the panacea and the MAGOFON can be considered a significant advance in this direction. The MAGOFON is the optimal combination of price and therapeutic effects.

MAGOFON-01 is used in stationary and at home for treatment of diseases such as:

  • Bronchopulmonary diseases (tracheitis, bronchitis including obstructive bronchitis)
  • Sinusitis
  • Toothache: gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease
  • Muscle aches, sprains, strains, bruises and hematomas
  • Reduces the intensity of dry cough, making it less often
  • Reduces inflammation in the bronchi, which is the main cause of a wet cough
  • Reduces the viscosity of mucus, contributing to its removal and cleansing the respiratory tract
  • Relieves spasms in the obstructive bronchitis syndrome
  • Relieves edema from the maxillary sinuses
  • Eliminates nasal congestion
  • Reduces pressure in the sinuses and therefore eliminates the headache
  • Improves blood flow, a favorable effect on the process of rehabilitation
  • Relieves gum inflammation
  • Stops gum bleeding
  • Allows you to avoid the use of painkillers
  • Relieves pain and swelling from the first minutes of use
  • Decreases healing time
  • Accelerates restoration of working ability
  • Accelerates edema elimination
  • Lowers the sensitivity of peripheral nerve receptors, which leads to the disappearance of the pain
  • Patients have an improved sleep profile, relieve emotional and muscle tension
  • MAGOFON eliminates the disease within a few days. For effective treatment you must apply Magofon 2 to 12 minutes, once a day for about 1-2 weeks.  

The main reasons to choose MAGOFON therapy:

  • Treats the illness itself, not just its symptoms
  • Accelerates healing both in acute and chronic diseases
  • It was approved for children from 1 year of age
  • The effectiveness of Magofon therapy was proven and confirmed by clinical tests, and the positive effect is noticeable immediately after first application
  • It is easy to use, does not require special medical skills
  • Due to the wide therapeutic spectrum, Magofon is a universal remedy for all the family
  • Buying MAGOFON you make a profitable investment in your family health care

Technical Specification:

Acoustic range frequency
0.02-20 kHz
Amplitude value of magnetic induction
30 mT
Weight, max
0.70 kG
Power supply
220V±10%, 50 Hz or 120V, 60 Hz
Consumed power, max
36 VA
Safety class

We offer a full English version of the device with a suitable power supply voltage for your country. All our home devices are produced in Europe, in ISO certified facilities and provide high quality standards. Buy with confidence.
Please let us know your experience with Magofon.