Alzheimer Deception

Alzheimer disease was discovered by Dr. A. Alzheimer about 100 years ago. He discovered, that Alzheimer patient’s brain is massively reduced in volume and functionality. In 1907 were at the most 0.5% of the global population counted as Alzheimer patients.

In 2012 there are counted over 4 Millions Alzheimer patients and the tendency is massively growing so that in 2030 it is expected to reach 50% of Dementia or Alzheimer worldwide. It is thus correct to consider that Alzheimer and Dementia are a direct effect of our life style, of our civilisation.

One of the major cause for Brain degeneration is the electrosmog, especially that created by satellites and their GPS communications with the Earth control centres. This communication is based on frequencies around 27 KHz, which it is known to be also the cellular glucose switch frequency; this switch enables glucose molecules to penetrate into cells (nourish) and to open for excretion of cellular metabolites (detox). If this switch is disturbed through interference with the technical frequency of 27 KHz used by satellites, then cells die or become in majority degenerated. The major cause of rising degenerative diseases such as diabetes, dementia, cancer, etc.

Other causes of Brain degeneration are:

  1. Missing Social life, no life targets, no fulfilment, loneliness
  2. Lack of movement, sedentary life style
  3. Nutrition based on sugary and starchy food; most recommended is a ketogenic diet

It is known from neurogenesis that brain cells are destroyed by lack of glucose, which can be an effect of insulin resistance or diabetes II.

Glucose metabolism can be also destroyed by excessive stress, linked to a surplus of cortisol release; glutamic acid and MSG (Mono-sodium glutamate, food additive) kills under excess of cortisol the brain cells.

Memory is generated in Hypocampus where daily events are being memorised in the new born neuronal cells; over night these memories are transferred to neuro-cortex. Hypocampus works like a memory and neuronal cells reservoir. To avoid the death of neuronal cells due to cortisol excess and over excitation of neuronal cells under the influence of glutamic acid, the body developes a beta-amyloid. In Alzheimer patients this amyloid is cutting the hypocampus link to neuro-cortex and memories are dumped.

With bolometer it is possible to measure Hypocampus’  volume and to accurately determine the level of its degradation, i.e. to monitor Alzheimer diseases in incipient phases as well as in late stages.

In Europe was developed a simple method of totally reversing Alzheimer based on permanent implants in some specific ears acupuncture points, which stimulates hypocampus. Once the hypocampus starts again to produce neuronal cells, the amyloid is regressing and the links to neuro-cortex is regenerated. Many patients benefit today of this minimally invasive therapy method and extraordinary healing results (over 90% of Alzheimer patients) are being reported. A double blind study will be provided by end of 2018 showing that this is a perfect methodology with 100% therapy effects..

This method is opposing to pharma industry’s intention to develop a vaccination against Alzheimer.

Who is interested in following this pathway please register with us and we will organise your trip and bring you to the final destination where your Alzheimer is being successfully treated.

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