Mistletoe therapy with Prognos – An amazing, affordable and safe cancer cure

There is no doubt today, that mistletoe therapy is very successful in treating cancer as well as many other health issues such as Lyme, fibrosis, MS etc. Each mistletoe plant growing on 13 different trees, shows a different healing profile. Mistletoe was studied for decades and was clearly demonstrated in thousands of clinical studies to have curative properties for many kind of diseases including cancer.

Prognos is an electro puncture device (EPD) developed over many decades to keep astronauts healthy in space. It works by measuring 24 points at the extremities of the 12 meridians, well known from TCM. Prognos measurement technique is recognized for its extraordinary reproducibility and accuracy. Prognos is a diagnostic and therapy device.

Prognos module Vitalomed – Visco Dendron offers a comprehensive and complete mistletoe therapy. A very sophisticated process to digitalize mistletoe plants is the key of this successful mistletoe therapy module; these frequencies can be successfully used instead of the plants.

Mistletoe therapy with Prognos helps heal cancer, prolong patients’ lifespan and significantly enhance their life quality. Mistletoe therapy shows no side effects or risks. It costs a fraction compared with chemotherapy, radiation. In Europe mistletoe therapy is officially accepted, while in USA the plants extracts were forbidden. You have a chance with Prognos Visco-Dendron module to treat your cancer patients with mistletoe. Prognos systems in North America are exclusively distributed by Lyra Nara Inc. Contact us at: 1 888 773 3196 or shop@lyranara.com